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Watch This Face - Ibrahim Khan

Watch This Face - Ibrahim Khan

Issue 75 December 2010

Twelve A* GCSEs and eight A-levels is simply a dream for a student – except for 18-year old Ibrahim Khan; he’s got them! Having completed Qur’an memorisation by 14, the rigours of “reciting daily to a shaykh demanding 100% perfection is pressurising. After that, exams are a doddle.”

At 15, Ibrahim began teaching Islamic Studies to rowdy youngsters and leading tarawih prayers at his local Middlesbrough mosque. At 18, he was writing his World War III novel, mastering Arabic in just two months, and becoming a qualified electrician.

 Politically savvy as the British representative of the Global Young Leaders Conference, Ibrahim writes four blogs and has a campaign at million4peace, which hopes to raise one million £1 donations to aid those caught up in natural disasters.

 How does he do it? Aside from shunning TV (“it takes away an eighth of your life”), he describes his Qur’an memorisation as the source of his blessings. However, he is very conscious of his ‘deficiencies’. “I have to remind myself of my bad qualities. I cannot cook; I can be lazy, and sincerity is a constant pursuit.”

Now studying PPE at Oxford University, he is also a stand-up comedian.


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