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Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

Issue 57 June 2009

Opposites attract


The magnetic force pushing Zehra and Thanna apart also pulls them together. Their mutual affection has proved they’ll always be around for one another. There’s no forcing this pair of polar opposites apart!



My cousin Thanna and I have never been formally introduced. I was born nine months after she was and that’s how it’s forever been, she’s just always been there. Our relationship  is possibly the most unconventional and disastrously miraculous union that’s ever been forged; technically speaking we shouldn’t be friends! She’s a fashion-loving pre-Madonna, whilst it’s unquestionable to her mind that I’m the most medieval, insufferably obstinate character that’s ever come into existence; yet we’re somehow very good companions.

You couldn’t find two more contradictory characters: I love reading; my cousin loathes it. I despise television as it’s the most unsociable activity one may ever engage in, she adores it. I care nothing for facebook, she lives for it. I’m a student of Politics, she of Law- need I say more?

The nicest thing my cousin has ever done for me was on my birthday. This year, Thanna organised a surprise birthday for me; it was perfect in every way. What I treasure most about her is her sincerity, but I cannot overlook her mischievous sense of humour, as in my birthday poem she wisely instructs, “Get out of your books and focus on your looks because the hands of time are ruthless...”

What’s there not admire about Thanna? She’s everything I’m not. She believes in everything that I disagree with, and that’s the beauty of our relationship.I’ve never envied her for anything as I’ve never cared for anything she owns, and likewise she gazes at my most valued possessions as a heap of garbage fit only for the recycle bin.  We even disagree on religious issues although we both believe in the value that religion places upon family, so we try never to fall out of favour with one another for longer than a week!
Our unique partnership proceeds, speckled with interesting incidents, furious arguments and plenty of amusements; a friendship that has been tried and exhaustingly examined, having withstood all that has passed and eagerly awaiting all that’s yet to come.



In actuality I knew Zehra from the minute I was born back in Manchester. It was only after we spent a couple of weeks living under the same roof that I really got to know Zehra as a friend and not just a family member forced upon me. Although we did get along during those few weeks, I recall them to be quite a blur in my life as they weren’t of the most significant in our relationship. Contrary to the norm, and probably even to Zehra’s knowledge, I only really started to see myself being her friend after she moved closer to where I lived in London; from then on we started spending more and more time together and went out more often. 

With regards to similarities, there probably isn’t a more dissimilar pair of people around. We share practically nothing in common. Zehra loves all your typical English customs; she loves to read, go to museums, has afternoon tea and cakes, the full works! Whereas I on the other hand, love watching TV, going out, eating all types of food (Zehra recently turned Vegan), shopping and just generally wasting time and money. I think it’s safe to say that our only similarity is that we are both extremely stubborn.

I think what makes our relationship strong and special is the fact that because we are so different, we actually complement each other. She influences me with her good points and vice versa and we always have tons to talk about because of the different lives we lead, we always have new experiences to share with each other.

When I think of the challenges we have faced in life, I would say that our stubbornness has always been the prime factor causing any conflicts, but these are usually resolved very quickly. I admire Zehra so much and look up to her in all she does. She has a level of patience I could only dream of having and can see the positives in almost anyone - a quality I need. I absolutely love spending time with her and I would never see myself without her in my life because I can truly say I love her so much.



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