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Fighting to Live

Fighting to Live

Issue 62 November 2009

Of all the war stories that I remember from my childhood, it is the stories of the Doodlebugs that most stick in my mind.


Doodlebugs were bombs launched from France by the Germans. They made a droning noise; and when the noise stopped, the bomb dropped. My grandmother told me of a time when the noise of a Doodlebug suddenly stopped just above their house.

They sat praying, and the bomb spluttered back into life. It moved on and then dropped somewhere else. She would tell me other tales of the bombs – when the whole front of their house was blown in; of seeing the destruction of homes; of children carried in the streets after a bombing; of the bomb shelters. My mother and uncle both suffer from claustrophobia.

They think it is due to the confined spaces they had to shelter in during the war - terrified children shocked by bombs dropping all around them......


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1 Comment



11 Nov 09, 10:33

Thanks for excellent editorial, as ever again, very appropriate.
We do need to spread this historial fact that millions Muslims died in WW1 and WW2, serving as British soldiers and officers.
This is specially important for our children to know this fact. It will give our children a sense of pride and enforce their feelings of being British citizens.

For the first time this year, in Cheshire ( south Manchester) CHEADLE MOSQUE team joined the local Church Leaders, MP for CHEADLE, Br Legion and others to lay red poppy wreath at a local war memorial.
I do think every Masjid in the U.K.; and every Muslim organisation need to come out and show their presence at this annual Rememberance Day. British Muslims do need to express their pride in part played by their fore fathers, in the days of the British Empire.
Afzal, Cheshire

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