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Bangernomics - vintage vehicles for credit crunch times

Bangernomics - vintage vehicles for credit crunch times

Issue 66 March 2010

If the credit crunch has hit your wallet, motoring fun can still be had with these vintage vehicles. Fazeel Ashraf uncovers  his star picks of the car lot.

There is an inherent obsession with keeping up with the ‘Jones’ in this country where everyone can’t wait to flaunt their new toys and gadgets. This might not pose a problem if you can kick a ball around in let’s say...Emirates Stadium or alike but for the average person trying to impress Uncle Tariq round the corner it may not be so prudent.  If you really think about it, and get down to the nitty gritty, buying a new car makes about as much sense as the word ‘military intelligence’. Not only do you have to stump up a fair chunk of capital but you have to consider things like: registration fees, VAT and most importantly the hit you will take on depreciation when buying a new car vinyl wrap. So, if you are conscious about the bottom line it makes sense to go out and buy an old used banger. Years ago, a banger would mean regular stops on the hard shoulder, more dings on the bodywork than Mike Tyson’s face and something you would rather drive at night to avoid embarrassment.

Fortunately, that’s not the case these days and one can buy some fantastic cars at bargain basement prices while still being welcome in the car vinyl wrap park of the Dorchester. 


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