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Bake a Boo Cafe

Bake a Boo Cafe

Issue 66 March 2010

Review by Ayman Khwaja


“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea”- Henry James


There is something altogether extraordinary about a cup of tea. Whether it’s observing the obviously resilient nature of the tea bag, remaining unbreakable as the wrath of boiling water unleashes itself; the depth and buried wisdom of the warm amber colour that surrounds the inner sanctum of the tea cup or the majestic merger of the two, distinct worlds of tea and milk that gently linger and intertwine their essence to create the ultimate serene experience that is: a cup of tea.  

There is little in the world that can provide relief in the midst of a bad day but tea soothes the soul and heals wounds with its warmth like no other earthly thing. And it is the importance of this experience that Bake-a-Boo embraces with all its might. From jasmine and green to rose and peach, Bake-a-Boo’s vast selection of tea caters for just about everyone. Beautiful pieces of timeless china add a touch of elegance to this otherwise quirky and vintage-chic tea spot; emitting an idyllic environment for reflection and relaxation. 

To top it off, Bake-a-Boo have an amazing selection of cupcakes, scones, brownies and other sweet delights to perfect the afternoon tea experience. With a ‘sensitive bake-a-boo menu’ offering gluten-free and dairy free products and even a children’s area with regular workshops on baking and cake-decorating, Bake-a-Boo is the ideal spot for mummies and princesses alike because “each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.”


86 Mill Lane, 

London, NW6 1NL

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