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World House Party

World House Party

Issue 68 May 2010

In an effort to raise funds for their Ramadan Campaign, Mercy Mission has announced the launch of World House Party: one party across one thousand houses.


In a busy office in the heart of Yorkshire, Mercy Mission’s small team is working away to fundamentally challenge much of the stereotype surrounding the Muslim community.

Their vision is to see a world emerge where every Muslim embodies the teachings of Islam, living faithfully to their beliefs and paving the way for humanity to appreciate the true beauty of Islam. Mercy Mission UK is an Islamic community organisation, set up in order to enable Muslims to play an active part in the communities in which they live, work and play through the peaceful message of Islam.

World House Party Day, to take place on May 15th, is Mercy Mission’s latest venture, and is a unique proposition to create a national fund to fuel an Islamic awareness campaign this Ramadan – both for Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Aware that they are competing with larger brands in what has now become a consumer-driven society, Mercy Mission’s creative team has taken inspiration from popular culture and created SpiderDan, the project’s spokesperson. SpiderDan, as an emblem of the Mercy Mission organisation, is intended to represent a bridge between Western and Eastern cultures. The suggestion is that both Muslims and non-Muslims lack a platform upon which to communicate simply because one is unknown or inaccessible to the other. The Ramadan campaign will essentially generate Islamic awareness in the month of reflection and spirituality that is so integral to the Muslim way of life.

The team will endeavor to fulfill many of the aims listed on their mission statement, one of which is to display inspirational hadiths on three high street billboards.

With such grand-scale aspirations, the team has calculated that they’ll need to raise a total of £100,000 to run their awareness campaign this Ramadan and have thus put together the ambitious World House Party Day project. The project has already gained widespread support from prominent organisations and individuals alike. Some of these include, Baba Ali, Zohra Sarwari, The Deen Show,,,, and many others.

“The model is very simple,” explains the team’s spokesperson. “On 15th May 2010, we want to see 1000 parties occur across the world. Each party must raise a minimum of £100 for the Ramadan campaign, and this will deliver the budget required to run the UK campaign.”

To host a party, the team suggests that you invite a minimum of 10 guests, and suggest a donation of £10 toward the project from each attendee. The hope is that a sum total of £100 from 1000 parties, will raise the necessary funds for the National Islamic Awareness Campaign. The party which raises the most money will be given the privilege to have date packs, branded with their name, distributed across the UK to the general public. Part of the money they raise will also be specifically invested in the purchase of dates for the planned communal iftaars.

In an effort to raise the funds for this Ramadan campaign, Mercy Mission and SpiderDan are hoping World House Party Day will encourage members of the Muslim community to volunteer in an effort to raise awareness and understanding of Islam.

To register, visit and be part of a monumental feat to showcase the beauty of Islam.


Are you in London on the 15th of May? If so, come and join emel's house party. More information here


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