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Watch This Face - Colin Nell

Watch This Face - Colin Nell

Issue 76 January 2011

When asked about his greatest achievement, Colin Nell, an award-winning fooball freestyler, takes a moment to decide. “Most people would assume that it was filming with Timbaland for ‘The Way I Are’ video, or working with Ronaldo and Ronaldinho for a Nike advert, or even body doubling for Adam Sandler in the Zohan film. But for me, it’s always been about inspiring others. I try and connect the streets with the stars and make kids realise that I’m just like them.”

 Born to an English father and Arab mother, he attributes his success to hard work and family support after being scouted at a competition in 2000. “The only job where you start at the top is when you’re digging a hole. And it isn’t all glamorous from the start – I’d go from working at Homebase to performing at the Millennium Stadium and then back home to wash the dishes.”

 From appearing as the Honey Monster in the Sugar Puffs adverts to performing at half-time at the 2007 Champions League Final, Colin Nell has enjoyed an illustrious career in football freestyling since he was 17. Now 25, Colin remains humble despite his vast range of achievements. “If God wants something for you, you just have to ride the wave. And a lot of people get quite excited when they meet me, but I think I actually gain more from them, than they do me.”


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