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Restaurant Review - Busaba Eathai

Restaurant Review - Busaba Eathai

Issue 79 April 2011

Review by Henrietta Szovati


Knowing Thai food is a fashion statement nowadays, I wanted to challenge what Thai food is all about by visiting Busaba. This vibrant, just-on-your –way communal eatery in Westfield shopping centre offers more than classic curries, stir fries and exotic salads. It offers philosophy behind eating: ‘your choice of food tells a lot about you’.

I started with a jasmine smoothie (obviously feeling feminine), while my partner in crime sank into guava, lime and coconut juice (not sure what that says about him). I do not normally associate calamari with ginger and peppercorn freshness but this time I must admit I was wrong. Oh my…that was really a palatal adventure!

 That done, we tucked into the mouth-watering ginger beef with crunchy vegetables that were cut into artful pieces. I was too busy with the shapes and colours of the vegetables, when the chargrilled duck arrived and phad phak with fresh greens and nuts that made my partner fall in love with French beans.

To wash it off, we ventured to the Thai countryside by ordering a jungle curry, the type eaten by the Thai themselves.  Strong, spicy and masculine, we gulped it down with fierce courage. 

Busaba is a place for reflection, slowing down and focusing on food whether before or after catching a film with friends, shopping or just out for a great meal. This place is perfect for a no-fuss feeding. The service is natural and waiters walk gently and elegantly around, but are careful to not make the dining experience feel particularly formal. Most of them squatted to face their customers, making their interaction personal and naturally friendly. The seating is discreet enough to give you space to be with your food in privacy but you would struggle to have a private conversation. Beware, they do not do dessert - you know, no fuss!


Busaba Eathai


Shepherd’s Bush

London W12 7GA UK

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