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Stewards of the Earth

Stewards of the Earth

Issue 82 July 2011

The British National Parks are a spectacle of breathtaking beauty and should be accessible to all. The Campaign for National Parks looks to make this happen. Khadija Gulamhusein reports. 


For over 50 years, the National Parks have been protected by legislation, aimed at ensuring their preservation and enjoyment by the public. Although the National Parks are open to all and indiscriminatory in allowing access, visitation is often skewed towards particular demographics. While individuals from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds make up roughly 10% of the British population, they consist of only 1% of total visitors to the National Parks across the country. Undoubtedly, a range of social, economic and physical barriers contribute to this reality. 

Aware of this imbalance and the specific obstacles affecting individuals from BME backgrounds, CNP established Mosaic in 2009. By supporting leaders from BME communities, known as ‘Community Champions’,  Mosaic looks to provide a bottom-up solution to the imbalance.

Champions have varying reasons for joining, but a common thread seems to be a love for the outdoors, and a desire to reach out to communities, and give them the opportunity to experience God’s creation. “I live in a city with no expanse of greenery in close proximity. By organising a weekend away, it’s a chance to show them that the UK actually does have some amazing natural landscapes such as the Lake District and the Peak District. Not to mention the priceless opportunity it gives them to pause and reflect upon God’s marvellous creation on this earth.” 



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