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Watch this Face: Miriam Khan

Watch this Face: Miriam Khan

Issue 90 March 2012

When Miriam Khan was involved in a car accident in 2009, her athletics career looked like it could be over before it had even really begun. With grit and determination however, four months later she bounced back to become the fastest woman in the 100-metre race in her national college division.


“It was after this race that I decided to run professionally,” Miriam says. “My coach, Justin Lindsey, knew that if I could train for a full year then I would have a chance of competing at the 2012 Olympics.” She is currently in the process of applying for dual American-Italian citizenship, in the hope that she can represent Italy, her mother’s native country, at this year’s competition.


With her eyes firmly fixed on the race of life ahead of her, Miriam, a graduate of The College of New Jersey, wants to go to medical school to study radiology after her athletics career.

Ali Khimji

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