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Marriage - Love over Long Distance

Marriage - Love over Long Distance

Issue 95 August 2012

Sobia was living in London when she met Nassir in Glasgow. Through communication, they built a strong relationship—but still clash over shopping!




I was born and raised in Glasgow, but had moved to London to work as a dental surgeon after graduating from Glasgow University. Every few months, I would go back to visit my family in Scotland, and it was on one of these trips that a family friend, who was a keen matchmaker, introduced me to Nassir. My first impression was that he was very tall! At over six feet, he towered over me. But after we spoke, I found he had a warm and confident personality. He came across as very charming and acted like a true gentleman on our first meeting.

In my head, I was ticking all the boxes that I had specified for a potential spouse, and surprisingly Nassir met all my requirements. I was really glad to have agreed to meet up with him. But after the first meeting, I had doubts whether Nassir was interested or not. He had cut it short because he had commitments elsewhere. However, I later found out that he left early because he was running out of time for his parking and had no extra cash with him that day.


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In February last year, a mutual friend organised a meeting for Sobia and I over coffee. I was actively looking to get married at the time, so I had asked our mutual friend to help me find a spouse. When I met Sobia, she came across as a very happy and intelligent person. She looked beautiful and had a lovely smile. Later I found out that the reason for her lovely smile was that she was a dentist by profession!

I felt that we were both comfortable in each other’s company, and we managed to talk non-stop for two hours at our first meeting. I definitely felt that I wanted to take things forward after that, but I wasn’t sure if Sobia really liked me or not, because we didn’t arrange any further meetings there and then. I persuaded my friend to ask Sobia if she would like to meet up again, and I was quite surprised to hear that Sobia was waiting to hear back from me first.


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