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With hardship comes ease - Rais Bhuiyan

With hardship comes ease - Rais Bhuiyan

Issue 96 September

Fuelled by hate and ignorance, Mark Stroman shot Rais Bhuiyan at point blank range. Rais sought inspiration from the Prophet to fight his own anger, and campaigned for Stroman’s life. 


I often run my fingers over the 35 shotgun pellets lodged in my face and head. I can feel the bumpiness. They serve as a constant reminder of a moment of someone’s hate. best replica watches

I was working in a petrol station in a rundown part of Dallas. I’d recently moved there from New York. Texas has a reputation as a racist place, but I had never experienced any direct discrimination against me.

When 9/11 happened things were to change. A lot of customers who came in were angry or upset. It was never directly at me, but some of them were talking bad about Muslims. I tried to avoid any angry confrontations. I also understood why they felt that way; New York had once been my home and I had visited the World Trade Centre.


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