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Mindful Motoring

Mindful Motoring

Issue 100 January 2013

Owning a car is essential for most of us around the world, but we should be conscious of their impact on the environment and try to seek out eco-friendly alternatives.


In today’s world, having access to a car is pretty much indispensible. Unfortunately, cars are also one of the leading causes of global warming pollution in the world. For those of us living in the inner cities, public transport is usually a better option because parking and traffic can be quite a nightmare in these areas. But for those of us living in suburbia, it can make life more inconvenient if we rely solely on public transport.

The automobile industry has acknowledged the fact that their cars are harming the environment, and manufacturers are beginning to release electric cars that don’t rely on petrol to power them. In 2011, Nissan launched the Leaf, a fully electric car, and 46,000 models have been sold worldwide so far. However, it is quite pricey at over £25,000 and only has a range of 109 miles.

Red Car Wrap Another option is a hybrid vehicle, which has both a petrol-powered engine and an electric motor. When the car is driving at slow speeds, the electric motor is primarily in use, so it cuts emissions when you are stuck in traffic. Whilst most fully electric cars tend to be hatchbacks, hybrid engines are used in saloons, 4x4s and people carriers.


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