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Clever about Gadgets

Clever about Gadgets

Issue 100 January 2013

Gadgets can improve our lives in many ways, but they can also make us lazy or distract us. We should appreciate technology as an illustrator of creativity and innovation.


Technology is present in our lives to make things easier. But like cars, gadgets can also have a negative impact on the environment. Many gadgets will be made from plastic, which are derived from petrochemicals, and they rely on electricity, which often comes from non-renewable energy sources. We should be conscious of the environmental impact of our gadgets and try to look for more sustainable options. For example, the iBamboo Speaker is made from a natural resource, uses no power and works just as well as its electrical equivalents.

Sometimes technology gets a bad reputation for making people lazier. However, we can implement technology within health and fitness regimes to help enhance our experience. The Airun trainers have a sensor built into them, which calculates your BMI and recommends a daily exercise plan for you. Unfortunately, the shoes don’t force you to keep to the fitness schedule, so you will have to find the motivation yourself!

One of the great benefits of technology is the ability to share information. This is useful if you ever need to read up on a religious topic and it has filtered down to apps on smartphones. There are many Islamic apps out there, such as iQuran, which allows people to read the Qur’an whilst out and about and also check up on any translations.


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