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Telling Stories: The Prophets Series

Telling Stories: The Prophets Series

Issue 100 January 2013

The Prophets Series began with the ‘Muslim Jesus’—a beautiful exploration of the Prophet Jesus within the Islamic tradition. 

The Prophets Series began with the ‘Muslim Jesus’—a beautiful exploration of the Prophet Jesus within the Islamic tradition. It begins by asking the question, given that Christians and Muslims cannot agree on the meaning of the Virgin birth, and  cannot agree on the death of Christ, then how is it possible that Jesus could  be a bridge for Muslims and Christians? Given that 55% of the world’s population is either Christian or Muslim, it seems absolutely fundamental that these two faith groups come to an understanding. Come, in the words of the Qur’an, “to a common word”. 

We content that Jesus is such a bridge because both traditions hold him in such high-esteem, and as such, his life, his values, and what he stood for, can be a means for Muslims and Christians to work together, as well as a lens to see each other through. 
Likewise the Muslim Abraham and the Muslim Moses were seminal issues of emel. They outlined the roles of these great Prophets within the Islamic tradition. Abraham, of course, Audemars Piguet Replica being the great Patriarch and Moses being fundamental to law giving. 

The story of Abraham showed how this friend of God, whose story is within all of the three great monotheistic traditions, can be a means to understand our faiths and an example of great sacrifice, and relevant within the contemporary world. 
The Muslim Moses, who stood up to Pharaoh, and who stood up to injustice, is an archetypal hero that can be a role model today. 


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