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Telling Stories: History

Telling Stories: History

Issue 100 January 2013

If we know our history, then we have a sense of our past. It gives us grounding in order to be able to better articulate our present and our future. 


If we know our history, then we have a sense of our past. It gives us grounding in order to be able to better articulate our present and our future. By recognising that we are stakeholders in the civilisational history of the world, we can recognise our potential of being civilisational stakeholders today and tomorrow. In seeing that we had a part to play in the philosophical, scientific, technological, artistic and social growth of the past, we can take inspiration and allow that flame to light the torch of our future. Our history, and recognising our part in it, gives us a sense of our place within the human family, and the great contribution that Islamic civilisation played. 

emel has covered a number of historical topics, from the ‘Inspired by Islam’ series, to our historic links to unusual people. St George is not necessarily thought of as having any relevance to the Muslim community, being the patron saint of England. But he’s also the patron saint of Palestine, being half-Turkish, half-Palestinian. St George was a figure that gave testament to belief in the one, true God before the coming of Muhammad. He fought the Roman emperor Dionysus for the right to that belief. The Christians of yesterday were the Muslims of the day for they were the people who self-surrendered unto God. They have a major role to play within our history because they were the people who committed to monotheistic belief and a sense justice of the day. 

Historic examples of people like Yusuf Ali, the great Qur’an translator, Noor Inayat Khan who won a Victoria Cross posthumously for her contribution to the fight against the fascists of Nazi Germany, or Ayuba Suleiman Diallo—the African Prince, taken and bounded into slavery, but through his nobility, was freed and was at the court of St James. 

Likewise we have covered great historic figures within the Muslim tradition such as Imam Ghazali, who was a person of such learning. We marked the 900th anniversary of his passing; and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia whose witnessed, and was part of, almost every notable event of the 20th Century right up until his assassination in 1974.

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