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Diary of a Young Mother

Diary of a Young Mother

Issue 17 February 2006

Wedding Belles
We were recently invited to a Muslim wedding. On the way, I talked to Safiyya (seven) about how much special it is to be married. I explained to her that Muslims don’t really have boyfriends, only people they are intending to marry - we call these people fiancé’s. Safiyya understands immediately. “Oh yes, Sarah has had six fiancé’s,” she confirms, referring to a teenage neighbour with a recent string of boyfriends....
As we discuss marriage, Amaani (two) suddenly pipes up: “I want to tell you something.” We all wait expectantly. “I am scared a monster is going to eat my teddy bear,” she confides tearfully. Safiyya resolves the crisis by patiently explaining that you only get monsters in Scotland and we live a long way from there. Peace resumes once again. No-one gives a thought for the people in Scotland.

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