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Press Release - War Memorial for Muslims

Issue 62 November 2009

This Remembrance Sunday, Muslims are calling for a war memorial to recognise the contribution of over one million Muslims who risked their lives fighting for Britain during World Wars I and II.  emel, the Muslim lifestyle magazine, highlights this contribution and believes these efforts are largely forgotten by the British public. emel is leading the call for a memorial. “It is important to recognise the invaluable contribution made by these Muslims soldiers; they fought for us to enjoy the freedoms that we have,” remarks Sarah Joseph OBE, editor of emel. “At a time when those on the Far-Right express such hostility towards British Muslims, whilst appropriating war imagery for their own use, it is all the more necessary to inform the public of the significant role Muslims played in keeping Britain free,” said Ms Joseph. The November issue of the magazine includes exclusive interviews with two British Muslim war veterans, Abdul Salam aged 84 and Mushtaq Ahmed aged 83. The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, acknowledges the debt owed to such Muslims, “Their service and sacrifice will never be forgotten. Their heroism, just like the contribution of British Muslims today, has helped to keep our country prosperous, strong and free.”  The Head of the Army, General Sir David Richards, states in emel that, “Our forebears, as well as the people of this country, owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the Muslim soldiers who gave so much on our behalf.” David Cameron and Nick Clegg express similar sentiments, along with the Bishop of London. “We believe a greater understanding of this remarkable episode of British history will give the lie to xenophobic and anti-Muslim feelings peddled by the likes of Nick Griffin, and at the same time highlight to young Muslims their important role as stakeholders in the future of British society,” said Ms Joseph. “That is a dual message of particular importance in these times.”     To read the full feature, please pick up a copy of issue 62. For further information or to request an interview with the editor please contact Mahmud Al-Rashid on 020 7328 7300 or 07966 219 074 or email 

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