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Tech Notes - December 2009

Tech Notes - December 2009

Issue 63 December 2009

By Robi Chowdhury 

With Sony Ericsson, you know exactly what you’re getting when you turn it on; either a high end camera phone that takes great pictures or a premium music phone that...well, plays great music.
Enter the Satio: a fusion of both the Walkman and Cybershot brands. The Satio boasts a 12.1 mega pixel Xenon Flash camera, wi-fi connectivity, a selection of built-in applications as well as an enormous 3.5’’ touch screen sporting 16 million colours.
With its sleek black finish reminiscent of the C905, the screen is a little resistant to touch but an included stylus makes things a little easier.
The Satio is a phone that gives off mixed emotions. Essentially, it is a multimedia hub incorporating an array of new features such as useful applications (akin to the iPhone), combined with some popular old ones (Track ID and geotagging images).
The greatest let down of this phone, though is the clunky and unpredictable user interface that hasn’t changed much through the course of Sony Ericsson’s history.
There are adequate changes, however, and some good ones at that; this entertainment phone has almost everything you need. Give it a try if you dare.

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