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Rumi: Les Couleurs de L’amour

Rumi: Les Couleurs de L’amour

Issue 65 February 2010

Calligraphy by Lassaâd Métoi

This stunning compilation pays homage to the 13th century Persian poet Rumi’s most beautiful works, complimented to perfection by the calligraphic artwork of Lassaâd Métoi. The book translated from French as ‘Colours of Love’, is a unique take on the years of poetry produced by one of the most celebrated mystic poets. Rumi’s verses utter words of love; transcending beyond human love to the Divine. Lassaâd Métoi’s calligraphy jumps out on the page, bringing the words of Rumi alive, with beautiful strokes of colour and vibrancy.

For those who have read, studied and loved the beautiful writings of the legendary Rumi, this book takes the reader beyond the words, with immense calligraphy full of intensity and emotion in a seamless, creative flow.

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