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Geek Shaykh - The Year of the Tablet

Geek Shaykh - The Year of the Tablet

Issue 66 March 2010

2010 is the year of the tablet. Robi Chowdhury selects a range of forthcoming tablets that are set to revolutionise the world of computing.


Honey, I blew up the iPhone

The Apple iPad



It came, it saw, but the question on everyone’s mind is - did it conquer?

There have been hundreds of articles written by numerous tech bloggers from last year who were questioning whether or not this product was actually real.

 Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed the rumours by presenting the device to the world at an exclusive launch event in California last month. He sat down on stage and promised us that the iPad will bridge the gap between a laptop and a smartphone and assured us that it could potentially replace laptops altogether.

 Many would say that the iPad is essentially an iPod touch that has grown in size to a 9.7-inch screen. It harbours memory sizes ranging from 16-64GB and can do pretty much everything an iPod Touch or an iPhone can. This includes the ability to use all existing apps from your previous devices (Apple likes to assume everyone has an iPhone). The iPad could be used to read magazines and newspapers as well as to watch high quality video content on the large screen.

 After the grand launch event, the dust settled and major flaws were being spotted with the device such as its lack of a camera and its inability to support Adobe Flash. The greatest flaw in my opinion (shared by thousands of people) is the fact that the iPad can’t multitask. You can’t listen to music and type up a document at the same time. All that being said, it is obvious that this is a first generation device and things will change over time.



✔ Easy interface to use

✔ You can use applications developed for the iphone and the ipod touch here



✗ No multitasking ability

✗ Does not have an onboard camera

✗ Lack of a USB or HDMI port 


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22 Sep 12, 04:41

This is really interesting take on the concept. I never thought of it that way. I came across this site recently which I think it will be a great use of new ideas and informations. Thanks a lot.

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