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Issue 72 September 2010

The body is an amanah, a trust, from God. We cannot abuse it. Fasting is actually beneficial to a healthy person. Detoxification occurs as the liver, kidney, lungs, lymph glands and skin eliminate or neutralise toxins. Fasting speeds up this process as the body breaks down fats, however health needs to be maintained all year round.


37. Think about the foods you eat. Fasting breaks down toxins, but it is better not to put in the toxins in the first place. Minimise fatty, fried, and sugary foods. 


38. Do some exercise. It does not have to be difficult and you do not have to buy expensive equipment or a gym membership. A pair of walking shoes and a pedometer will make sure you do 10,000 steps a day – 3,000 of which should be aerobic.


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