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A Touch of Festivity

A Touch of Festivity

Issue 72 September 2010

The festive period of Eid is fast approaching. Fatema Zehra helps you welcome your loved ones into a beautiful living space, with simple and easy touches to give your room a new look.


Stylist Esham Mirza


Silver Crackle Glass Cylinder Vase, £10 at Next; Pink flower stem starting from £6 at Jane Packer; Pink crystal lamp, £65 at Laura Ashley; Purple disc bowl, £22 from John Rocha at Debenhams; Purple art vase, £38 from Julian MacDonald at Debenhams; Silver hummingbird boxes (small and large), £15-18 at Joy; Silver detailed photo-frame, £9.99 at Butlers; Plum lacquered vase from a selection at Next; Selection of cushions starting from £10 at Very, Littlewoods and Mathew Williamson for Debenhams. 



Ornate gold photo-frame, £25 at Laura Ashley; Small gold photo-frame, £10 from John Rocha at Debenhams; Bronze leather photo-frame, £15 at Joy; Small teal lacquer bottle, £14 at Next; Gold crackled tea lights, £15 at Jane Packer for Debenhams; Gold lanterns, small – £15 and medium - £35 at Mathew Williamson for Debenhams; Mink crackle bottle lamp, £45 at Next; Selection of cushions from Laura Ashley, Next and Mathew Williamson for Debenhams. 



Three Top Tips to Accessorising


1. Colour 

Add strong accent colours to compliment your current theme through the use of carefully chosen accessories; such as throws, cushions, vases and ornaments.


2. Style

Keep it simple - stick to a certain style that appeals to you such as Middle Eastern, art deco or French renaissance. Steer clear of mixing styles to avoid unfortunate clashes. 


3. Texture

Choose from an array of fabrics and surfaces to make a room look interesting. This can be achieved through large pieces such as rugs, to small pieces such as photo-frames and mirrors. 






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