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Katerina Nordin-Phillips

Katerina Nordin-Phillips

Issue 77 February 2011

Katerina Nordin-Phillips, a History graduate from SOAS, embraced Islam in 2003 aged 14.


My mum was a lapsed Catholic, and my dad had grown up Muslim in Malaysia but lost his faith when he moved here.
I was of no religion but had grown up with Christian culture from my mum.

 A Buddhist friend started experimenting with drugs, and we would have debates about religion and theology. The debates woke me up and I realised that I believed in God, and started to study different religions.

 Before reading up about Islam, I had assumed that the Prophet was just a random individual, but the fact that he followed on from all the other prophets and had that direct link made so much sense. It reinforced the belief that Islam is for everyone, and has a place in the wider picture of the world. When I started to read the Qur’an, a lot of internal questions were answered. I find it inspiring that it still resonates from 1400 years ago and has never been changed. It made sense to have a lifestyle that was so geared to God. Islam had the perfect balance between logic and spirituality.
Around the same time that I was looking into Islam, my Mum and Dad were doing the same and we all managed to reach the same conclusion independently. Following this, my older sisters embraced Islam too.

 As converts, we can bridge the gap using our own personal experiences, but those new to the faith should take it at a pace that they can handle, but the most important thing is to try not to cut people off. We should show them the beauty of Islam, not run off into some sort of secluded community.


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30 Jun 11, 16:49

salam sisters, i hope inshallah u take the whole package of
islam, not just what you need and what it suits, and i am
amazed how islam is rum in this country , its twisted, and
the people who twist it are protected, and unfortunately they
are leading muslims in this country, may allah correct
everyone. and expose the ones they play with islam.
i get very happy when i see a women converted to islam,
and i get very sad when they start using only what's good
for them and bend what's not good.

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11 Feb 11, 17:51

MashaAllah..How lucky are they that all of them independently reached the shore of sea and saved by Allah and well words are insufficient to praise Allah...I like the last paragraph...We should really not cut from people..all in all we werent any exception either had we not born to Muslm parents

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