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Archives - Issue 8 - November/December 2004

Archives - Issue 8 - November/December 2004

Issue 66 March 2010

We have  a selection of top articles that have just been released from our archives. The latest issue to be uploaded is issue 8, first published in November/December 2004.

Take a look at the home page of issue 8 (by going down the drop-down menu at the top of the page) and browse through our features or click on the links below to view specific articles. 


Editorial - Changing in an ever-changing world

Ziauddin Sardar - Why are Muslims so boring?

Faisal al Yafai - Make your point

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Doctors without Borders - A feature on Medicines sans Frontieres

Muslim Prisoners - On the inside the Sun still shines

Islamic Foundation - Building for the future

Profile Interview - Professor Akbar Ahmed

Kith and Kin - A Father's Daughter

A Face to Faith - Getting spiritual in Syria

A Week in the life of Dawud Abdullah

Ahmed Ahmed - A double barrel of laughs

Health - The rise of obesity

Finance - Knowing the Language, a glossary of Islamic Finance terms 

Food - Eid Dinner ideas

Gardening - Flowers in Winter

Travel Feature - Islam in Capetown, South Africa 

Sport Feature - Whitechapel Wanderer

Music Feature - Mecca2Medina 

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