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Green Values

Green Values

Issue 85 October 2011

The environmental movement is heavily dependent on inspirational individuals to drive it forward. Ali Khimji meets some of the ecologically conscious pioneers of our time.


Saleem AliSaleem Ali

Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, and Director of the Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security.


My parents, who were both academics, got me a subscription to National Geographic magazine when I was ten, which fuelled my personal interest in nature and wildlife and made me think of myself as a planetary citizen. Read More


Abdul Aziz Ali Al NuaimiShaykh Abdulaziz Ali Al Nuaimi

A member of the ruling Ajman Royal Family, and referred to as the “Green Shaykh” for his environmental advocacy. He also acts as the environmental advisor to the UAE Ajman Government.


My path to environmentalism occurred in three stages. In the early 70s, I became conscious of the environment through my father. He loved nature and wildlife, and I was influenced by his hobbies and philosophy. Then, in the early 80s, my education and interest in science opened my eyes to the world around me. Read More


Fazlun KhalidFazlun Khalid

Described as “the single most active Islamic environmentalist alive today,” Khalid set up the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Science (IFEES) in 1994.


I grew up with empathy for the environment and wildlife and it became quite clear to me in the 1960s and 70s that our planet was being subjected to an unprecedented assault by the human race and our consumerist lifestyles. Read More


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1 Comment


Building For The Future

30 Oct 11, 23:05

Thanks for this article. It is important to remember that we are making environmental statements with every pound that we spend in our weekly grocery shopping. Do we want to buy FSC certified printer paper or the cheaper one that is made from chopped up rainforest? Do we want to buy free-range eggs or the cheaper ones that are laid by hens that suffering in cages. We can't do everything (trying to will just send you mad) but we can pick one or two areas to make a differnce in.

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