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Increasing Love

Increasing Love

Issue 86 November 2011

The Prophet said, “Exchange gifts, as that will increase your love for one another.” Eid is an ideal opportunity for gift giving amongst family and friends. Fatema Zehra brings you a selection of presents with a difference.


Photographer Ali Khimji     Stylist Fatema Zehra


eid gifts


The Sacred Trusts by Hilmi Aydin
£99.95 from The Sacred Trusts


The History of the Magnificent Qur’an
£35 from Exhibition Islam


The Sleepers of the Cave audio set
£12 from Qadimoon


Umair the talking teddy bear
£14.99 from Deen & Dunya


Card Making Kit
£6.99 from Smart Ark


Allah’s Prophets
Card game from Share the Deen 


My Muslim Journal
from a selection at Smart Ark


eid gifts


Fairtrade rattle
£7 from Smart Ark


Easy doll sewing kit

£8.99 from Smart Ark


Hadith and Qur’anic verses bookmarks (set of 6)

£2.99 from Smart Ark 


Alphabet wood blocks
£7.99 from Deen & Dunya


The Seerah Trail game
£9.49 from Simply Islam


To see more of our Eid Gift feature, as well as gain access to exclusive videos, plus behind the scenes footage and more interactive content, log on to to get your digital issue today.

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