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Campaign for Muslim Memorial


At emel, we believe it is of great significance for our society that history is remembered accurately and fairly.  We are therefore calling for a consultation process to find a fitting memorial for the forgotten Muslims who died during the two World Wars.

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Whether it should be a national memorial or a series of local memorials in towns that sent large numbers of Muslim men to the front line or a permanent exhibition in one of our nation’s museums is a matter for discussion.


The public’s opinion ought to be canvassed and as a nation we can find the most appropriate way to remember the Muslims who died against the fight against tyranny.


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Thank you for supporting this campaign.

Campaign supporters:

1. Mrs Shakera Mohammed - PR & Marketing Manager

2. Mrs Sarah Joseph - Editor

3. Mr Hassen Rasool - Creative Director

4. Mr Ruhul Tarafder - Communications Manager

5. Mr Ajmal Masroor - Parliamentary candidate and broadcaster

6. Mr Robi Chowdhury - Web Editor

7. Ms Hafsa Sharieff - University student

8. ghada hamido - medical student

9. Miss Ayman J Khwaja - Assistant Editor

10. Mr Mahmud Al-Rashid - Barrister

11. Miss Hira Rana - Advertising Executive

12. Mr Omar Tufail - Web Developer

13. Mr Imran Ahsan - ICT Technician

14. Mr Abdulmukith Ahmed - AV Technician / Scout Leader

15. Mr Mohammed Ali Amla - community development officer

16. Mr Ainul Islam - Project Appraisal & Performance Manager

17. Miss Dania Tamanna - Implementation Manager

18. Mr JAHAN MAHMOOD - Historian

19. amjid mahmood - IT Consultant

20. Mr Khuram Hussain - Student

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