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1. Save Muslim History

There is no parallel to seeing sites that relate to Islamic history in person. Sadly, these sacred spaces are now being destroyed around the world.

Issue 99 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

2. Myth Busters

When myths take on an air of authenticity, society is in danger.

Issue 98 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

3. Muslims on Television

There is a lot about Islam and Muslims on TV, but little of it is satisfying.

Issue 97 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

4. Shelina Zahra Janmohamad - To laugh, or not to laugh

Comedy and humour are great ways of enlightening a dour mood, which is just the pick-up needed in these times.

Issue 95 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

5. Avoiding the trophy wife trap

With wedding season upon us, we need to have a serious discussion about mahr, which is the gift given by the groom to the bride.

Issue 94 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

6. Embracing our British identity

As the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, it seems fitting to look back at how the British Muslim community has progressed since she took the throne.

Issue 93 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

7. Between the Extremes

The Qur’an describes the relationship between men and women as complementary, not oppressive. We need to uplift each other and aim for higher standards, otherwise both will suffer.

Issue 92 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

8. When Genocide is Repeated.

We must be serious about the promise made not to massacre people or commit genocide.

Issue 91 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

9. Parents and the Path to Paradise

In March, mothers and women come under focus. But the Qur’an has been singing their praises for centuries.

Issue 90 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

10. What's love got to do with it?

Love has a more defined place in our faith, than mere present-giving.

Issue 89 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

11. The Rights of the Oppressed

Palestine can be considered as the global symbol of oppression.

Issue 87 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

12. Ancient Role Models

As the festival of Eid passes and Christmas draws upon us, we should all strive and work for mutual harmony.

Issue 86 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

13. The Cusp of Opportunity

Recent events allow for the possibility of changing the discourse where Muslims are concerned.

Issue 85 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

14. The Right Time and Place

Issue 84 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed

15. Bahrain Isn't What It Seems

Issue 81 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed
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