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1. Telling Stories: Interfaith

From the very beginning of emel, reaching out was fundamental to us; showing the shared striving, the shared needs, and the shared hopes and aspirations of human beings.

Issue 100 | Features | Feature Articles

2. Telling Stories: History

If we know our history, then we have a sense of our past. It gives us grounding in order to be able to better articulate our present and our future.

Issue 100 | Comments | Abdel WahabEl-Affendi

3. Travel Tales

Travelling is an act encouraged by Islamic tradition and we should actively explore the world around us, whether it be to see the natural wonders, Islamic history, or to help those who are less fortunate than us.

Issue 100 | Life Style | Travel

4. A Month as a Muslim

Over 2011, Andrew embarked on Project Conversion, where he experienced a different religion for each month. When it came to Islam, he chose Adam as his mentor.

Issue 98 | Real Lives | Kith & Kin

5. A week in the life of Qari Muhammad Asim MBE

Imam Asim was awarded an MBE for services to the community. But as well as being an imam, he works as a lawyer for a top law firm.

Issue 96 | Real Lives | Week in the life of

6. Dilwar Hussain - Making Religion a Burden

The Prophet said, “Make things easy for the people...” but today’s Muslims seem to want to make things as hard as possible.

Issue 96 | Comments | Dilwar Hussain

7. In Service of the People - Dewan Shamsul Islam

Burning with a desire to ensure his brothers got the education he never had, Shamsul came to Britain in 1958 to earn some money. Since then, his entrepreneurial spirit and generosity have made him a pillar of the community.

Issue 95 | Real Lives | Migrant Memoirs

8. Imam Zaid Shakir - Where Wealth Accumulates

This Ramadan, be brave and make a difference. Imam Zaid Shakir explains why giving in charity is an act of great courage.

Issue 95 | Reflections | Imam Zaid Shakir

9. Dilwar Hussain - A Western expression of Islam

Just as there are Arab and African expressions of Muslim culture, there can also be British, European, and Western expressions too.

Issue 95 | Comments | Dilwar Hussain

10. The Beauty of Islam

Death and destruction tend to be associated with Muslims, but the Prophet reminded, “God is Beautiful and He likes beauty.”

Issue 93 | Reflections | Imam Zaid Shakir

11. The Grand Mufti of Bosnia

Dr. Mustafa Ceric´ is a genial man who has travelled the world promoting peace and justice. A graduate of Al-Azhar and Chicago, he combines traditional learning with a forward-looking agenda. On the 20th anniversary of the war in Bosnia, Asim Zubcˇevic´ speaks to the Grand Mufti.

Issue 91 | Features | Feature Interviews

12. emel Celebrates International Women's Day

Issue 90 | Features | Feature Articles

13. The Best of Women

Issue 90 | Reflections | Imam Zaid Shakir

14. A Day to Cherish

Hizer and Sabiha had a wedding day that brought together a choir performance, a bagpipe player and bhangra dancers —and an imam.

Issue 86 | Real Lives | Marriage

15. Back to the One

The significance of Abraham in our world today needs to be re-asserted.

Issue 86 | Reflections | Imam Zaid Shakir
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