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1. Real Lives: With hardship comes ease

Life is full of challenges, as well as ups and downs but what matters most is how we bounce back and stay positive after going through a traumatic ordeal.

Issue 100 | Real Lives | After Hardship Comes Ease

2. A Century of hope

One hundred issues of Emel. Our centenary. And like a cricketer reaching that score, it feels good, and is an opportunity to raise one’s bat and acknowledge the achievement - something I was not always convinced that we would see.

Issue 100 | Editorial | Editorial

3. Taking a Gamble

Masooma and Asghar agreed to marry each other, but only met face-to-face for the first time a few days before their wedding.

Issue 99 | Real Lives | Marriage

4. A week in the life of Zahid Parvez

Zahid was inspired to get involved with community work by racism in the 1970s, and wanted to ensure Muslims didn’t live in fear.

Issue 99 | Real Lives | Week in the life of

5. With hardship comes ease

When Shabbir Zaib went to Pakistan for a holiday four years ago, he didn’t anticipate having to spend 17 agonising months behind bars.

Issue 99 | Real Lives | After Hardship Comes Ease

6. 10 Questions with Zia Ul Haq

Even though his business takes up a lot of his time, Zia Ul Haq always manages to find time to devote to community work with UK Islamic Mission.

Issue 99 | Life Forums | Finance

7. Renaissance of a Forgotten Art

In a country often marked for a multitude of other aspects centred on politics and the economy, the artists of Pakistan are resolute to throw in another facet to the puzzle. Fatema Zehra explores some of the artists pushing forward the Pakistani art scene.

Issue 99 | Life Style | Art

8. The Search for Abu Talib

Have Muslims in Britain done enough to reach out and make friends with people from outside the Muslim community?

Issue 99 | Comments | Dilwar Hussain

9. Tomorrow's World

I have just finished attending a technology and innovation conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I have listened to an extraordinary Array of speakers from MIT, PopTech, and Pixar.

Issue 99 | Editorial | Editorial

10. Meeting the Heroes of Palestine

In April 2002, the Israeli military forces entered the Jenin refugee camp and what ensued can only be described as a massacre.

Issue 98 | Diaries | Travelling Imam

11. A week in the life of Hussein Alidina

Inspired by the Rio Summit in 1992 to take up a career in conservation, Hussein now works to protect the Pacific Coast of Canada.

Issue 98 | Real Lives | Week in the life of

12. Sustainable Solutions

In its bid to make a difference, MADE in Europe has launched two campaigns to promote sustainable living. One encourages people to stop drinking bottled water, and the other promotes fair trade.

Issue 98 | Life Forums | Ethical

13. 10 Questions with Shabir Nawab

Shabir Nawab knew that accountancy was to be his profession, for he had been inspired by his brother Rafiq. However, Rafiq’s inspiration was to drive further into Shabir’s life, teaching him that money should never be a motivator, and as such Shabir has grown to be a leading philanthropist.

Issue 98 | Life Forums | Finance

14. Kicking for Glory

Hazem El Masri has been held up as a role model for young Australian Muslims after enjoying a successful career in rugby league. He speaks to Ali Khimji about what that means in the sporting world today.

Issue 98 | Life Style | Sports

15. Myth Busters

When myths take on an air of authenticity, society is in danger.

Issue 98 | Comments | Shelina Janmohammed
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