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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

Walking to the station this morning, I recalled a Greek mythology lesson I had in high school. The great Socrates once professed, “My advice to you is to get...

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Saturday Talk Show

But what’s the point? It’s just going to be another failure and I hate imposing on people like that. Please cancel,” I pleaded with my mother. Yet...

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Diary of a bachelor F.O.B Blues

F.O.B Blues “Well I am glad I judge people according to pictures and that my level of superficiality is reaching new heights. Now Ican spend the rest of the...

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Love in San Francisco

I thought I fell in love last week again. This time though,  I realized what falling in love has always been each time my emotions have run through everything...

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Amor in Andalusia

So here I am in Granada, Spain on vacation, the centre of what was once the world’s most advanced and multi-cultural Muslim cultures. I visited the old “...

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Warning : Icy Reception Ahead

Remember Zeyna, that young Turkish lady I met at the matrimonial event I mentioned previously? When I met her originally, she was warm and welcoming despite having to...

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Diary of a Bachelor