Acid attacks are perpetrated in a number of countries and more often than not against women by their partners or other family members. Whilst all forms of violence against women is deplorable acid attacks are particularly abhorrent and require a level of premeditation and planning unsurpassed by other forms of violence. Islamic Help is committed to providing such support and has now teamed up with the Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) to expand the reach of its Smiles Better Campaign to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Nepal and Cambodia.

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Unrepaired cleft lips and palates affect countless children in the developing world, and have an impact on their health, their emotional wellbeing and on their life chances. Often a simple procedure costing no more than £150 is all that is needed to change the lives of such children. Islamic Helps has conducted hundreds of cleft lip operations in Pakistan and has now teamed up with Smile Train Italia to provide the simple surgical procedure for children in Bangladesh and Kurdistan.

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Acid Burns
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