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Fragrancing the Home: Good Scent Is Sadaqa

Fragrancing the Home: Good Scent Is Sadaqa

Issue 1 Sept / Oct 2003

Smells! We all experience unpleasant odours around the home whether from cooking, dirty nappies or  perhaps smelly bins. It isn’t intentional and cannot always be avoided, after all, we have to cook, and babies will soil their nappies! Safia bint Abdurrahman provides practical tips for banishing those lingering smells.

Bad odours can affect your mood - it may be irritating when cooking smells get into hair, clothes and even onto furnishings but what can you do?! Especially during winter it is too cold to keep the windows and doors open long enough to waft away those tiresome smells! Keeping homes smelling nice and fresh at all times can be a difficult task, particularly if your home is small or if the layout is open-plan when odours easily drift from room to room. So, how do we make our homes a more pleasant and welcoming abode, not just for ourselves but for the constant stream of families and friends who come to visit?





Incense sticks, cones and scented candles

Using incense sticks, cones and scented candles after cooking exudes a pleasant aroma around the home. This is especially useful during winter when it is too cold to open doors and windows. Of course incense sticks can be used anytime you fancy to help lift your spirits. It is particularly ideal when entertaining guests, producing a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere without anyone worrying about the cooking smells lingering on their favourite outfit!

Oil burners

Oil burners work by placing water and a few drops of fragrance oil in the dish and burning a tea-light underneath to disperse a wonderful aroma. Use concentrated oil, which lasts longer as only small amounts are required at a time.

Oil lamps

Oil lamps have fragrance oil inside a non-flammable container with a wick that is lit to spread the aroma into the atmosphere. Wax burners work similarly to oil burners but use fragranced wax instead of the fragrance oil. Wax burners do not require water and are equally effective and decorative.

Pot Pourri

Add a few drops of oil onto bowls of pot pourri or dried leaves and flowers or fruit to make a huge difference to any room in the house as it is both decorative and produces a consistent aroma.

Scented Shapes

Placing scented ornamental shapes anywhere around the home are a good way of eliminating unpleasant smells. Scented sea shells can be placed in wardrobes or linen cupboards to keep fabrics smelling fresh and clean at all times. Also available is scented paper to line clothes drawers and  wardrobes.

Scented Plaques

Scented plaques can be mounted on any wall in the home giving a truly amazing aroma continuously. They look great in the home and inspire a pleasant mood. Scented nappy bags can be purchased to vanquish those nasty nappy smells.

Radiator Magnets

Radiator magnets are an exciting new trend. They work by placing a few drops of your favourite oil in a hole at the back of the magnet then attaching the decorative ornament to a radiator or heater. The room rapidly becomes enveloped in a rich scent.

Room Fresheners

Room fresheners such as plug-ins work effectively, as do liquid and gel air fresheners.

Scented pouches

Scented pouches can be placed around the home; under pillows, wardrobes, in shoes and cupboards.


Please ensure that burning products are not left unattended and remain out of the reach of young children


words: Safia bint Abdurrahman

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