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Blind to Brand Loyalty

Issue 96 September

It’s the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world. They have been making cars since the early seventies and have even sponsored the FIFA Football World Cup. Have you figured out who it is yet even with the pictures? Well if you haven’t, don’t worry as I’m here to tell you all about the Kia Optima. To be fair, I didn’t know a great deal about the Optima or Kia until I was handed the keys. I’ve always just let them pass by my radar and it wasn’t until someone recently asked me when will Kias become acceptable for a car enthusiast that I thought it would be prudent to find out exactly what they are all about—time to put badge snobbery aside.
On initial acquaintance, the Optima shapes up as phenomenal value at only £18,000, especially when you consider its seven-year warranty, the practicality and size, and the equipment on offer. The styling is far from non-descript and far more attractive than any other mid-size saloons on the market. In fact it has decently proportioned wheels at each corner giving it a wonderful stance, along with a friendly face to boot. If a car were to sell on looks alone the Kia Optima would leave the Toyota Avensis in the dust.  

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