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Dinnerware: Dress to Impress

Dinnerware: Dress to Impress

Issue 59 August 2009

Add flair to your iftar table by dressing it in the finest dinnerware. From daring to demure, Mariam Mahir demonstrates how to make a bold impression.


Bewitching Bengal


Wood, rattan and glass in hazy tones conjure up an air of lazy summer nights in subtropical lands. Mixing modern gold and silver accents bring subdued shades to life,creating a lush landscape suitable for an Asian masterpiece.

Place mat: £3 Habitat,

Serving bowl: £20 Habitat,

Plate: £4 Habitat,

Bowl: £8 Habitat,

Glass: £7 Habitat,

Oil bottles: £5 each Habitat,

Napkin holder: £9 Zara Home,

Ladle: £10 Zara Home,

Cutlery: £3 each Zara Home


Sensational Script


Combine dinnerware with calligraphic prints, quirky table accessories and modern glassware to produce innovative table arrangements.Incorporating one bold colour breaks up the monochrome element.

Tabletop mat: £2.40 House of Fraser,

Fruit tart candles: £9.79 for 3 Laura Ashley,

Red dot tumbler: £4.50 Habitat,
Red band tumbler: £5.50 Habitat,

Large plate: £15 Living with Baraka,

Bowls: £10 each Living with Baraka,

Salt and Pepper mills: £5 for pair Living with Baraka


Majestically Moorish

Gold and turquoise complement each other perfectly, creating a regal tone fit for old Moorish palaces in Andalucía and Damascus. Mosaic mirrors, tassels with charms and matte gold gilded utensils create an impression of exotic opulence.


Place mat £7 Zara Home,

Bowl £4 Zara Home,

Plate £4 Zara Home,

Large plate, £15 Living with Baraka,

Napkin holder, £9 Zara Home,
Coasters £9 Zara Home,

Glass £3 Zara Home,

Tassel £3 Zara Home,

Cutlery £3 each Zara Home


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