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Garden Notes

Garden Notes

Issue 59 August 2009

1. Mediterranean Garden

Make your own pasta sauce from greens in your back garden. This Mediterranean vegetables and Italian herbs pack is ideal to place in both conservatories and



2. Grow an Organic Garden



A perfect gift for organic-lovers, this gardening book offers secrets of growing a healthy garden, filled with tips on how to rid our garden of pests the natural way, as well as how to nurture it without breaking the bank.
£ 15.99


3. A Well-Earned Rest




Gardening can be a tiresome chore. Ensure you get pruning and weeding in comfort with this detachable tool bag and sturdy foldaway chair. A must-have gift for the daily gardener.

4. Park Life


 This eco-friendly picnic set is made up of a jute bag filled with biodegradable plates, cups,
napkins and cutlery. It’s perfect for care-free picnic dining at your local park. Available for four or eight people.


5. Porto-Chair



Sit back and enjoy the summer sun in the Ergolife instant chair. This award-winning portable chair is approved by physiotherapists to ensure your back is comfortably supported.


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