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Double Take - Sam and Kandy

Double Take - Sam and Kandy

Issue 64 January 2010

Sam and Kandy tell us how a case of mistaken identity led to a strong friendship, spanning more than 10 years.



I met Kandy during the first week of sixth form. I had first got talking with Kandy’s sister, Shandy. What I didn’t realise at the time was that they were twins! Having just spoken to Shandy I then went to the bathroom, I saw Kandy in there. I smiled and then looked at her oddly. “Did you change your clothes?” I asked confused. Understanding immediately what had happened, she laughed, “I think you’re talking about my twin!” I didn’t believe her straight away but I eventually realised she was telling the truth when she pointed out that she wore a ‘K’ pendant and her sister, Shandy wears an ‘S’. I felt a little embarrassed but she was so lovely, we just giggled it off! 

We became good friends in college but we got a lot closer as time went by. I think we became inseparable after we travelled abroad together; first to Spain and then to Dubai. We’ve learnt and grown together as individuals and have been there for one another through each others’ ups and downs. 

Both Kandy and I have very similar characteristics. Despite practicing a different religion, I’ve always felt Kandy holds the same morals and values as me. We both have a strong faith in God and I guess that’s a substantial foundation in a friendship – faith and belief.

I’ve always called Kandy ‘superwoman’; she multitasks like you wouldn’t believe! She can do everything and anything; from being a mummy, to a working-woman, to a fabulous daughter in law and wife. I, on the hand, am a lot more laid back and I guess that prompts her to look after me. I still remember on our way to Dubai, she spent every single minute cross checking everything – “Sam, have you got your passport? Where’s your ticket? Check your handbag! She’s a lot more practical and organised than I am but I guess we end up balancing each other out. 

We’ve always had an almost telepathic kind of connection. Whilst Kandy was expecting her daughter Jiya, we would talk about what day Jiya would be born. The funny thing is, I was walking out of work and thought, “Kandy’s had her baby” – I had a very strong sense. A few minutes later I received a text from her twin Shandy, saying she had just had a baby girl.



I first met Sam in my first year at sixth form. I had just started and really didn’t know many people. We met in the bathroom of all places; she just looked at me and gave me the biggest and warmest smile ever. I smiled back and then realised she had mistaken me for my twin, Shandy...


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